This is a copy of the installation instructions included in

Four files are emailed as attachments: ,, and

The file contains JRTLOC50901.ELD, RS.ELD and STRAT.
ELD.  These are EasyLanguage programs and are installed through the
TradeStation window.

The file contains jrtloc50901.dll and strat.dll.  These are
application extensions and must be extracted to the appropriate folder
with the unzip program. contains manuals.  Extract to My Documents or any folder
you choose. contains Allfutures.tsw, a TradeStation Workspace.

If your computer doesn’t have a zip program, ZIP Reader is simple to
install and use.  Download it at:

Finding the address of the TradeStation Folders

The Zip program will ask where to extract the files, so
it’s first needed to know where TradeStation is located on the
computer.  It may be in (for example, this is the default folder where
TradeStation is installed):

C:\Program Files\TradeStation 8.3 (build 1634)\

To find the folder where TradeStation is kept:

·    Right click on the TradeStation icon on the desktop.  A table will
come up.  At the bottom of the table is “Properties”.

·    A window will come up.  Toward the middle of the window is a box
labeled “Target:”  In the box is the TradeStation folder address.

·    In this case it would say:

C:\Program Files\TradeStation 8.3 (build 1634)\Program\ORPlat.exe

Ignore the Program\OrPlat for now.  So the base TradeStation folder
would be:

C:\Program Files\TradeStation 8.3 (build 1634)

There are three folders of interest: EXPORT, Program and MyWork.  
Using this example, they are:

C:\Program Files\TradeStation 8.3 (build 1634)\Program

C:\Program Files\TradeStation 8.3 (build 1634)\EXPORT

C:\Program Files\TradeStation 8.3 (build 1634)\MyWork

From Outlook Express, double click on each zip file, one at a time, and
an unzip program will come up from your system

The zip program will come up and ask where to extract the files.  

For, extract the ELD programs to the TradeStation EXPORT
folder for your computer system.

For, extract to the Program folder.

For extract to the MyWork folder.

For extract to My Documents or to any other folder you

Problems have occurred when there are multiple versions of
TradeStation on one computer.  The ELD program was installed in one
version, and the dll program was copied to the Program folder of
another version.  Please be aware that this mistake has happened to the
author and to others.

Installation of the EasyLanguage Programs

The EasyLanguage programs are installed from the TradeStation
window.  Please clear the TradeStation screen, with no charts or
anything else open.  This is very important, as anything open may
interfere with the installation.

·    From the TradeStation window, choose File
·    Choose Import/Export EasyLanguage
·    Choose Import EasyLanguage file (ELD,ELS or ELA)
·    Click on Next,  Browse
·    JRTLOC50901.ELD should be seen.  Click on this.
·    Click on Open, Next, Select All, Next, Finish

Repeat the procedure for STRAT.ELD and RS.ELD

The name of the EasyLanguage Indicator program is $jrtloc50901, for
Joe Ross The Law Of Charts.  There is a $ in front of the name so it
shows up on top of the list.  $jrtloc50901 is an indicator, so it shows up
in the indicator lists.  The number 50901 is an identification number.  

STRAT.ELD contains the strategy $strat, and the functions $jrstrat and
$jrstrat1, for strategy testing.

RS.ELD contains the indicator $RS, for RadarScreen..

To see the EasyLanguage programs:

·    Choose File
·    Choose Open EasyLanguage Document
·    From the drop down menu, choose Indicator, Strategy or Function.
·    The appropriate program will appear in the lists.

When installing updates, follow the same instructions.  When asked to
overwrite the old versions, choose Yes.
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